The Surgical Critical Care Service is a division of the Department of Surgery. It is closely aligned with the Division of Trauma and is staffed on a rotating basis with five fellowship-trained attending surgeons.  The service consists of a Surgical Critical Care fellow, two junior level surgery residents, and an emergency medicine resident. Rotations are available to senior medical students on an elective basis. In addition, we maintain a close relationship with the military C-STARS (Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills) Program and interface with individuals seeking additional training in Trauma and ICU care prior to deployment.  This includes personnel from nursing, ancillary services, primary care and the surgical specialties.

The Surgical Critical Care Service provides care for any patient in the ICU, including patients from all surgical subspecialties. The fellow is responsible for the daily operation of the service and plays an important role in the surgical education of the members of the team.  The educational schedule includes a programmed lecture series on topics in critical care, joint conferences with Medical Intensive Care Fellows and Attendings, joint Radiology conferences and Clinical Correlation conferences conducted with the Department of Pathology.  The board pass rate has been 100% for the last 10 years.

The Division of Surgical Critical Care supports research endeavors from individual fellows on the topics of their choosing and has sponsored presentations at national meetings. Quality improvement projects conducted by the fellow, such as analysis and implementation of strategies to minimize deep venous thrombosis, have led to changes in systems-based practices in the institution.

This fellowship is in compliance with the ACGME resident work hour requirement and is structured on a daily “shift”-type schedule.  Elective rotations in Research, Burn, Pediatric, Medical, Cardiac and Pulmonary ICU are available for the two-month elective time offered during the fellowship.

Interested applicants should contact the Division of Surgical Critical Care at
314-577-8317, ext. 3, or by email at


Catherine M. Wittgen, M.D., FACS

Program Director

Professor of Surgery and Anesthesiology

Kevin R. Mahoney, M.D., FACS

Assistant Professor

Trauma Medical Director

Daniel L. Naughton, M.D., FACS


Carl Freeman, M.D., FACS
Lt Col, USAF, MC
Course Director, C-STARS, St. Louis
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Jane Tenquist, M.D., FACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery