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Theresa Schwartz, M.D. (Surgery) was quoted on KMOX-AM 1120 about the increase in double mastectomies to treatbreast cancer.

Dr. Brian Peterson, a SluCare vascular surgeon repaired Bobby’s aneurysm using something called a Gore Excluder stent graft to basically re-line the aorta from the inside and relieve the pressure on the weakened artery walls producing the aneurysm


Division of Vascular Surgery

2015 Vascular Surgery


The Vascular Surgery Division of the Saint Louis University Medical Center provides a comprehensive yet conservative approach to a variety of patients with peripheral vascular-related diseases. Patients with diagnostic dilemmas are frequently seen in the outpatient department and, if necessary, can be referred to the noninvasive diagnostic vascular lab for further evaluation. A number of patients will not require operative intervention, operations being recommended only for patients who will clearly benefit from such intervention. For nearly two decades patients have had carotid endarterectomy performed under local anesthesia with satisfactory results. Aortic surgery has become safer over the last few decades in part because of perioperative evaluation and management, with particular attention paid  to preoperative cardiovascular assessment and careful patient selection. Newer techniques have allowed limb salvage in a great deal of challenging patients as well.


Vascular Faculty
Donald L. Jacobs, M.D.
Michael S. Williams, Jr., MD
Wei Li, M.D.
Catherine M. Wittgen, M.D.
Emad M. A. Zakhary, M.D.

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